Merlot Nikolaou

Varietal Composition: Dry Red Wine from 100% Merlot BIO grapes.

Origin: The grapes are organically grown in the private 0,5h vineyards of Nikolaou family at the area of Douramani, with an average vine age of 7 years and a yield of approximately 5000kg/he. No pesticides and fertilizers are used other than Bordeaux mixture, Sulphur and organic mulch (organic compost).

Production: Hand harvest takes place late September once the grapes reach the desired level of phenolic and alcoholic maturity. In cool temperature of 22oC the alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts is taking place with the pigeage method for 12 days. After the malolactic fermentation we only add the bare minimum necessary quantity of Sulphur dioxide .

Characteristics:Rounded tannins harmonically combined with velver aftertaste of black fruits and plums.

Serving: At a temperature of 16-18oC.

Food combination: Meat dishes, light meals and spaghetti.

Alcoholic strength: 13o